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I would like to thank my fellow AACEI Pittsburgh members for allowing me the opportunity to serve as the new President of our chapter.

Antonio FratangeloIt is truly a privilege to have the trust of the members of this organization to continue to lead as we have been led by our past presidents. I would also like to take this time to thank our former President, Marc Johnson, for all his leadership over the last four years. I know Marc will continue to be an integral part of this organization and we would like to thank him for all he has done and will continue to do.

The construction industry is currently experiencing both an exciting and challenging time. Construction continues to be a strong source of economic growth. However, challenges exist with the shortage of a skilled labor force as well as lower numbers of individuals pursuing technical and professional careers in our industry.

While providing professional development, training, certifications and access to a world-wide professional network, AACEI maintains a strong focus on their regional chapters. Our Pittsburgh chapter has had the honor of receiving the Gold Award for the last three consecutive years. This is thanks to the extraordinary efforts of our past President, the Board of Directors and chapter members. As the new President, I hope to continue to build upon the foundation that has been laid out in front of me.

The Pittsburgh Chapter has been fortunate to have a group of passionate individuals working on some of the country’s most well-respected projects to present for our technical programs. These programs always prove to be insightful and interesting. My hope is to continue to provide these great presentations and interesting topics that are relevant to today’s changing world.

We all know how challenging these times are, given the current global pandemic. As our Section, like the rest of the country, attempts to wade these waters, my goals in 2020-2021 are to:

  • Bring together our Section members with other Sections in a virtual atmosphere to continue to provide the relevant content that we have had the ability to enjoy in the past;
  • Continue the growth of our local membership;
  • Look for opportunities to partner and collaborate with other professional organizations in the Pittsburgh region; and
  • Provide mentoring and career insight to any young professionals who are interested in growing in this industry.

The challenges that are in front of us are easiest to overcome if we continue to work and grow together. I understand that things are not the same as they were one year ago, or even six months ago, but I encourage everyone to look at these times as an opportunity. Perhaps there is no better time to pursue a credential or certification that you have been putting off. Just know, as an organization, the Pittsburgh Chapter of AACEI is here to encourage and support our members and future members in achieving all their goals. I look forward to serving the Pittsburgh chapter as President and seeing everyone again.


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Antonio Fratangelo

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